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How Did We Get Here? And Where is "Here"?

(last update 2021-09-15)

You have made it to our website! But who are we and what is "Project Baby Sparrow" or "Sassy Plants YXE"? 

Let's start at the beginning...

Craig and I (Tiz) met in June of 2012. We were both done with the dating game and were looking to settle down. Nine months after starting to hang out, we were engaged - and 7 months later, married.

A year after we were married (October 2013) we packed up and moved ourselves and two cats to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan from New Brunswick. A couple months of living here and we knew this is where we wanted to settle and start a family.

Fast forward through many years, many tears, many false pregnancy tests, on and off fertility treatments, hormonal supplements and major weight gain, trying to lose the weight in order to get pregnant, emotional roller-coasters of decisions to make, trusting in God and waiting on Him, and the eventual (and amazing) conviction that if we were to proceed with growing our family, then our next step was to adopt a child who needed a mommy and daddy.

This conviction started settling in our hearts when out of nowhere - we were all of a sudden SURROUNDED by either friends who had been adopted, or families that had adopted. Suddenly, this thought of “Adopting” wasn’t just a “default next step” for what you do when you can’t get pregnant. It was no longer this process that we had no idea what it entailed. Now - it was a blessing. A gift. It was faces. It was stories. It was family. A process that is doable. A story that was no longer going to be just ours - but for our future child(ren) to tell as well. We had a support system behind us who knew what it was like to go through this process and were excited to see us through.

So here we are, in the middle of the adoption process and all that it entails - and it is time to start sharing our journey and getting on the ball with the finances for our adoption....

Craig & Tiz Sears, Adoption Announement

Our adoption will take a couple of years to finalize, and for us to meet our little one(s) - and in the meantime we will be embarking on many little "projects" to raise money for it.

Our adoption before flights and room & board for approx 3 + 6 (two trips) weeks, and unexpected expenses will cost around $65,000 CA. 

(2021 Update:) Since beginning this journey we were amazingly privileged to stumble across an amazing donor couple who donated 8 embryos for us to adopt! If you are new to IVF and FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) we suggest you do a little online digging. It's absolutely amazing! We had our first transfer of the 8 embryos in November 2020 which sadly ended in premature labour and delivery at 16 weeks and the loss of our firstborn son. We attempted our second transfer in May 2021 which unfortunately did not take. We are hoping to try again soon! 

So needless to say - this is going to be an intense (!) journey. Please pray for us, first and foremost. We serve a Sovereign God who is in complete control. Please share #ProjectBabySparrow and the many projects involved- we will have MANY things going on as time progresses including (but not limited to) our Traveler's Notebook sales and (new) Sassy Plants YXE.


And if you feel called to - please donate in any way. This is the literal "It takes a village to raise a child"

Also - where did that name come from? Well ....

Project = this isn't just an easy process. We will be undertaking many projects to contribute to this adoption happening. Keep your eyes out for some.

Baby = well that's obvious.... 

Sparrow = "Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows." Matthew 10:29-31. Our child is more valuable than a Sparrow - however the word "Sparrow" brings us back to this passage in scripture where we are reminded that God has complete control, and perfect knowledge. We are reminded through "Sparrow" that God already sees our child. And we are reminded to trust in Him through this adventure. 

(And Craig named Sassy Plants after me. He is so kind :) )

So thank you for joining our village! (or shall we call it a flock?) We are thrilled to share in this journey with you.

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