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Kraft Folder - Traveler's Notebook Insert

Kraft Folder - Traveler's Notebook Insert


Kraft Folder Accessory insert for Traveler's Notebook.


"Perfect Sizes" availabler are: 

- Standard

- Passport


"Imperfect Size" available is:

- A6 - Taller than insert, fits the cover, comes shorter in width. 


"Re-purposed Sizes" available are:

- A5 - Use Standard size - comes short in width

- Field - Use Passport size - comes short in height

  • Return Policy

    With the FAQ page "small print" in mind - we will be happy to process any returns initiated within 7 days of confirmed mail delivery, with returned product being received by us within 30 days of initiated return. Funds (product total and initial shipping fee) will be reimbursed within 5 business days of the unused product being returned to us. Return shipping is at customer's expense.

    No funds will be reimbursed for a return if any of the following are found true: 

    1. Return is initiated after 7 days

    2. Product is received by us beyond the adequate 30 day window from return initiation

    3. Upon receiving the product, it is determined that the product has been used. 

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